Baby Diapers Manufacturer
IMEX GROUP manufactures baby diapers according to international specifications and quality at competitive prices that meet all classes.
The diaper is made of an outer fabric that allows skin to breathe.
High percentage (SAP) granules help absorb and distribute wetness to prevent caking with German technology.
The nappy contains an inner layer with American technology so that its pores open automatically when wetness occurs, which in turn allows it to be inserted into the absorbent layer, and then the pores work to close automatically to prevent the return of wetness to the child’s skin, which aims to protect the child’s skin from chafing.
The diaper lasts for eighteen hours since getting wet and completely dry.
The sides are high quality duplex rubber and change to size.
The side wings are double and contain three strands.
We have worked hard to increase the quality of the nappy by reducing the weight in order not to cause foot spacing problems in children.

Adult diaper manufacturer
The adult diapers have been specially designed to safely protect against loss of bladder and bowel function. They feature a high absorbency base, soft cotton lining, an inner rubber crease to the leg and permanent leakage protection that can provide maximum protection.
Composition of the base layer
Top layer: PP non-woven fabric as the top layer.
Distributing Layer: Spreads the liquid evenly
Absorbent Layer: A non-bleached, fragrance-free absorbent layer consisting of a cotton cellulose core and a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP).
Back layer: PE film is impermeable to liquid which prevents leakage.

Women’s Diaper manufacturer
It consists of six different types and sizes, including day and night, long, short and cotton, the manufacturing process is done with high quality, the preservation is characterized by being anti-allergic or causing any medical harm, and it also contains a highly absorbent layer and a layer that allows wetness to be absorbed without returning it to the skin.

Wet Wipes Factory

It is made from pure natural products.
The product comes free of allergens.
Very effective for children’s skin.
The handkerchief is distinguished by its high quality