Who we are:
IMEX GROUP for Industry is a Turkish company registered in accordance with the Turkish Companies Law, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, and started work in 1970.
Trademarks are registered in accordance with international norms and laws, preserving their own industrial composition, and the company’s products have the highest international evaluation in the industrial field, which is (A +), which makes its products with international specifications and quality at prices that meet all classes.
The company has a wide marketing network in the Republic of Turkey, in addition to an effective force in many foreign markets, especially in the Middle East, Africa and 43 countries around the world.
We have many agreements with major international companies, as well as contracts with the Turkish Ministry of Health.
IMEX GROUP for Industry is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing baby and elderly diapers, wet wipes, medical masks and medical products according to a professional team specializing in the latest industrial machines in the world that work according to an automatic system with finite precision.
The production process in our factories goes through several mechanisms to produce products that comply with international standards according to a professional team specialized in each stage of production.
The products that are manufactured undergo a random physical examination to ensure that the product is produced with high quality and competition.
IMEX GROUP for Industry and Trade has many commercial cooperation agreements with major similar companies in the Turkish market and global markets, which makes it an international partner at all commercial levels. The company also has many commercial agents around the world who we consider companions to success and are the beating heart of the company.

Our Mission

  1. Satisfying customer expectations

    Satisfying customer expectations at the highest level through the offered products.

  2. Enhancing relationship with agents

    Enhancing the creative relationship with agents, importers and customers.

  3. Looking at all employees of the company

    Looking at all employees of the company as the cornerstone and giving great importance to developing their knowledge, skills and responsibilities.

Our Vision

  • We seek to increase its market share in all countries by providing products within the framework of total quality.

Our TeamWho’s behind the scenes?

MilestonesBrief History of Our Company

March, 2015

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February, 2015

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March, 2015

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March, 2010

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